At CACHE we are aware of the importance of detail in all stages of the production process.

That is, from the first sketch to the completion of the manufactured product. To make sure this process is a success, the company offers various services that make us different in the eyes of our customer, with the aim to make you feel special as well.

Prototype development

The prototype development is a very important stage in the process of developing a new product. A new product is born as an idea that includes the benefits for the consumers and the characteristics of the product. We take care of giving shape to your ideas and turning them into the final product.

Collection advice

At this point, our main goal is to provide solutions to all the brands in need of external support. Carrying out a study of the project is essential, thereby strengthening the worst-case positions of your product line.

Mass production

Our factories are qualified to produce large orders for our potential customers, as well as equipped with the latest technology for leatherworking.

Raw material advice:

CACHE is a company specialised in leatherworking, therefore we are in the best position to advise on which materials may be the most suitable for each type of product.